April 20, 2017

Its Your Party Kakak~ She turns 10!!

She's 10 this year! Yup kakak's turning pre-teen and all the A.T.T.I.T.U.D.E is showing off completely. Haha. Truly last minute, I make a last minute plan to just wing-it a small birthday celebration at Johnny's Rocket IOI City Mall. At first, she was insisting to have a slumber party and I told frankly that I wasn't up to it.. looking after a couple of pre-teens as I was quite exhausted with work. Plus, we need some organizing and our new house is totally not ready for a visit from anyone (pssst kitchen still not completely done!)

For the party, we've invited nane's family and of course Farissa's grampys. My siblings were all busy with their own thing (which we totally get it) so an intimate event it is! Ayah Chu and Mama Chu gave Farissa her first human form shopskin (if that makes sense to you) and Mama Ngah gave Farissa 2 CDs of My Little Pony and a puzzle book. While Nenma gave Farissa a novel from Enid Blyton.
Everyone else gave Farissa cold hard cash! Haha.. and she chose to spend it at the Toy's R Us.

The whole party people!! We actually conquered most of the space in the restaurant.

Little Nayli with big bro Harith. He is 13 now. :)

Apple pie with vanilla ice cream on the side~

The boys ate at the counter bar and had their own burgers and chocolate milk shake.

This was Farissa's and Nane's order.. but the BBQ sauce is not up to our standard. Hehe..

Thanks for coming Nane!!

Auntie Amanda and Auntie Nisah shower Kakak with stationary gifts!!

Thank you everyone for coming!! :)
... and Happy Birthday Darling Farissa.. Mama.. Papa and Adik love you very much. 

April 13, 2017

Courtyard and Dead Plants!

I am quite sure that I haven't share with you guys on our tiny little courtyard. So today, I might just as well. The courtyard is really2 small and we haven't done so much. Right now, I am hating the smell of dirt and most of he plants had already dead. Hahaha!!

We went for 5 days trip to Penang, and I guess some of the herbal plants needed plenty of water. So most of them dried up. Anyway, I didn't replace the plants yet (as I am super duper lazy), so they all dried up in the planter box.

Anway, you guys could have enjoyed what may have been of the courtyard. Yet, rest assured that I will get them all replaced in the near future insyallah!! :)

2 Planter box for show only

3 of these have died

All of these have died except for the basil leaves.. talk about hardy!

All of these are still good.. Haha.. Farissa and adek help to water everyday after school..

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