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My 3rd Labor Experience at Hospital Pakar Annur Bangi (Part 2)

Read Part 1 HERE.

Somehow, I did not get to hold Rayyan nor see him after the nurses took him away. The doctor had a hard time taking out the placenta and getting all the bits of pieces out of my uterus. I was sprawled wide open for quite sometime and it was painstakingly a long process. All in all, Dr. Wan stitched me up for a good hour or so. It must me quite bad down there. When asked she just told me twas only a normal tear. Yeah.. OK.

Then in between the drowsiness and exhaustion the pediatrician came and saw me, told me that Rayyan oxygen was low and took longer than usual to recuperate. He also told me that he will monitor Rayyan closely and give us the update the next day. Where is Mr. Bob in all this? He was having a late dinner as he was unable to get one before we had to be pushed into the labor room. :(
It was 4am in the morning and it was because the epidural pushed inside of my spine was quite in high dosage that I was still unable to feel my right leg. The nurses kept …

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My 3rd Labor Experience at Hospital Pakar Annur Bangi

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