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Lunch with the Family~

Hye guys!

What have you been up to this Deepavali holiday? To tell you the truth, we couldn't do much as I didn't feel like going anywhere further than KL and with the heavier body weight, I just felt like doing less walking and doing more of the eating. Haha! I don't actually know why but I would like to browse through baby and kids product at OU so OU it is! We reached OU quite early at about 11am and there were still ample of parking available on the 5th floor.

I was quite disappointed to learn that the baby gap store and pumpkin patch was no longer there. Plus, there is no sale at all on the kids retail store.

No matter, Mr. Bob suddenly mentioned about the previously delicious berry pavlova @Delicious and my head just went straight dinging. Yes, yes, yes!

We went down to the first floor and straightaway saw the restaurant. But once we were seated and given the menu, they were no longer offering pavlova! Whhhhhhhyyyyyyyyy?? Sadness just washed over me. I don't e…

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